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Architects use 3D printed furnishings to bring an edge to their models

When a client tries to imagine how their home or structure will look, they face a relatively daunting task in that experiencing a full-scale version of their dream will simply have to wait until the builders pack up their tools and hand over the keys.

That’s why using 3D printed models can bring a more tangible reality to a normal company's 2D blueprints. It results in delivering quality design, structural engineering, and planning advice to clients. Architecture firms can improve the customer experience by using 3D printed replicas of proposed building projects to convey a more realistic vision of what they can expect in a finished product.

“Most people can’t read, or haven’t had experience reading, 2D plans so they struggle to visualize exactly what the property will be like,” Ellis says. 3D printing has bridged a gap in communication between architects and their clients. Contractors and support teams involved in the construction process benefit from the technology as well when they see a furnished, 3D printed model of a project at 1:50 scale.

We can take furnishings from popular designers, and place them within the environment to give clients a more realistic presentation of how the interior of a structure will look and function, and the companies can use the 3D printed pieces – models of real products – to incorporate those ideas into a client’s design plan.

When clients receive a “dollhouse sized” model of their dream home packed with detailed models like a toaster oven or other furnishings, the process has the benefit of an added “obvious fun factor.” 3D printed models also allow customers to organize and match their proposed furnishings in a variety of combinations to visualize the end results.

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