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3D Printing revolutionizes Stop Motion Animation

In order to reinvigorate its image frooti ended up with one of the most innovative advertisements in India combining 3D printing and Stop Motion animation.

Frooti collaborated with a New York based studio Sagmeister & Walsh to create what possibly is the first of its kind advertisements in India completely using stop motion animation and 3D printing

The solution was to create a miniature world. Tiny scaled models of vehicles, little people figurines used for railroad train sets, and real mangoes.

Shot by artist and photographer Henry Hargreaves, who excels at using food as an artistic medium. For the commercials, these worlds were all stop-motion animated. "Only the Frooti packaging and mangoes were kept in real-life scale," Walsh says.

This allowed the packaging and the mango to appear as the hero of the shots, while allowing them to tell stories and add moments of humor in the images. In the various videos, mangoes watch cricket, fall in love, and douse themselves in color for the Holi Festival.

Each character in the film 3-D-printed in every single pose they were in during the commercial. They designed every detail down to the clothes each figurine wore.

Some characters, like the miniature Shah Rukh Khan, had close to 30 poses.

The stop-motion photography gives a quirky and endearing look to the animation style.

Frooti director Nadia Chauhan said that India hasn’t seen this style of stop-motion animation in commercials before.

Walsh hopes the technique and this miniature world becomes a reusable visual language for the brand for years to come.

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