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3D Printing and Art

This is probably one of the fields which 3D printing not only supports but expands on. It opens up a new realm of possibilities with 3D designing being an integral part of the curriculum. No need to rely on 2D printing to view a 3-dimensional design. Many unique form of arts have used this technology but still there is a lot of untapped potential.

The boom in additive art has been building for several years, capped off now by a major art museum's acceptance of the art-meets-science medium. In fact, it seems no corner of the art world remains untouched by 3D printing's growing influence, from architecture to dance to painting to music.

The biggest application is the 3D printing of masterpieces as evident by work of artists Rob and Nick carter when they opted to 3D print the flora as depicted by the great Vincent Van Gogh

Some people aren’t good at working with their hands. This can be a major barrier to making a good idea become a reality. 3D printing circumvents that; with some background in modeling anyone can make a sculpture. This also allows a level of mathematical perfection that ordinarily wouldn’t be easy to obtain. Complex models from higher math and physics can be rendered, and incorporated in a more exacting way

Developing Dreams' Kati Byrne stated, "It has the potential to change the way we create." With 3D printing and scanning, it’s becoming easier to make replicas of famous (and less famous) pieces of sculpture. Where before each replica would have had to been manufactured and shipped, now a .stl file can be downloaded and printed in ABS or PLA by anyone interested.

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