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There has always been disparity between how an architect envisions his project and how it might come out after the model for the project is made. For an artist the amount of detailing and visualization is only in the design they have made. If they chose to get a model built for their project they end up with scaled down models that no matter how deftly done will always contain a possibility of errors. To err is human after all.

Architects, Engineers and construction professionals are aware of the importance of physical 3D objects that clients can hold in their hands and try to witness what the architect visualized. The downside to this is that handcrafted models can take weeks to finish, even after which they might be lacking in proper finishing which might result in unmet expectations.

Apart from the lower operating costs (10%-20% of any other technology) 3D Printing enables you to print precise models in almost 1/10th of the time taken for creating handcrafted models. Apart from easily being able to print textures and edges the accuracy is immaculate as the printers deal within microns resulting in realistic designs and reduction of project timelines.

Sometimes you just need to see the proposed building or site in three physical dimensions – even if it’s a scale replica of what’s being proposed. It’s easier to examine from different angles, understand how everything fits together, as well as communicate and share observations with the colleagues standing next to you.

“A 3D printed map has so much more informative than a piece of paper, a flat map or a computer screen. It’s really captured people’s imaginations and is an incredible sales tool for us, demonstrating our capabilities in a novel way,”

Ian Best, managing director for MCS

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