• Fully Versatile

    duper XL400 is designed to work with a variant range of 3D Printing materials.

  • Tuned to Perfection

    Perfect Combination of Raw Power with Extreme Precision.

Remote Monitoring

Initiate, Manage and Monitor your 3D Prints from the comfort of your couch. Fully intuitive interface accessible through smartphone/tablet and computer.

One for All

Housing some serious power duper XL400 can 3D print with any and all range of FDM materials(ABS,PLA,Nylon,HIPS,PETG etc.)

All Round Performance

duper XL400 is built for precision and speed. It offers a perfect solution to precise requirements and large builds alike. 

Plug and Print

duper XL400 comes ready to print out of the box. No assembling or calibration required

duper XL400 is the eventuality of all 3D Printers
Buy Now

duper XL400 has been used to 3D Print many Pre-Surgical models which have been crucial in saving many a lives. Follow the links below to read in vivid detail:


One Year Warranty

Every duper 3D Printer comes with 10 days product replacement warranty and one year standard warranty from autoAbode.

Use your duper with the assurance that we are just a phone call away.

Introductory Sessions

Your purchase of duper entitles you to 3 introductory sessions covering everything from the basics of 3D Printing to smart tuning your machine to get the maximum out of it.

Easy Monitoring

Your duper comes equipped with an easy and robust Cloud connection that lets you print and monitor from the comfort of your couch.
Control your duper through your mobile, computer or tablet.

Place your Order and join the revolution.

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