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3D Printing and Geography

“I can see a time coming where you will be able to choose and download house plans like you were buying something on iTunes, customize them with a few clicks on the keyboard to get just exactly what you want, then have a printer brought onto your site and fabricate the house,” adds Hedwig Heinsman, one of the partners in the Dutch architectural firm DUS.

We live in a 3-dimensional world and in order to understand its topography and structure better, it makes most sense that we do so using the 3-dimensional tool that helps us envision this better.

Every chapter on a particular location can accompany files for its 3D printable model allowing teachers to helps students visualize various mountains, plateaus, rivers etc.

There are numerous ways in which 3D printing has contributed to all the geographic research. 3D printing has helped researchers land a shuttle on a comet, by aiding in picking the best possible landing spot.

We have also seen a man 3D print earthquake data to help him better compare a recent quake in California to those experienced in the past. In addition to this, companies have been using 3D printing to better understand the cause and effect of oil/gas fracking.

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